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M&G Civil Engineering & Land Surveying was organized for overall purposes of providing Engineering and Land Surveying services for developers and owners of commercial and industrial properties, Municipalities and government agencies.

As your consultant, the M&G team will continually strive to maintain a long term relationship and will provide to real-estate market with services in an efficient and timely manner within an agreed budget.





Land Planning:

  • Tentative tract and parcel maps
  • Pre -zoning applications
  • Zone changes
  • Lot line adjustments
  • Conditional use permits
  • Variances


Professional Surveying:

  • Topographic & Boundary Survey
  • Aerial Photogrammetry controls Field Engineering ( Construction surveying )
  • Computerized mapping Utility and control surveys
  • Subdivision mapping
  • Engineering survey in support of drainage studies, report, and design project
  • Establish log of controls for vertical monitoring net works
  • Preparation of maps and exhibits Condominium surveys
  • Preparation of legal descriptions and related exhibits GPS surveys (provide survey services at global level)
  • Geodetic positioning
  • G.P.S. Surveys
  • Construction surveying and staking
  • Right of way Mapping and Surveys
  • Aerial Topographic Mapping
  • Boundary and Cadastral surveying
  • Record of Surveying
  • Tract and parcel maps
  • Legal descriptions
  • Easement mapping & writing
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